Why so serious?


People take life too seriously. Trust me, I know (because I do it, too).

Maybe it’s because we try so hard to be perfect?

Whatever the reason, we seem to take life so seriously that we forget to live it truly and purposefully – because what other purpose is there to life, than to just live it?

It’s as simple as that. Life is for the living.

So what happened, then, to just living life, living in the moment, forgetting about all that other stuff – the grey matter?

Maybe this is just what we, as humans, do: we take things seriously. We take our jobs too seriously, we take ourselves too seriously, we take our relationships too seriously, we take jokes too seriously – heck, we even take gluten way too seriously!

But you know what? It’s time we lighten up a little!

Try to let go of all the seriousness – if only just for a moment, to feel free. Feel free to do whatever you want in that very moment, without judging anything or anyone – and most importantly, try not to care about others judging you. That’s a tough one, you guys, I know… But I can promise you that, most of the time, people actually don’t care at all about what you’re doing.

So hey, try putting your running shoes on, and run like Phoebe from Friends:

Or grab an umbrella (or don’t!) and head out in the pouring rain:


Maybe skip the gym and curl up on the couch with a delicious donut (or two!):


Whatever you want, just do it! Just live. There’s too much beauty and sweetness in this world to take everything so seriously all the time.

What’s the best part of your life? What makes you feel alive and free from all the “must-do’s”?

Endless love,



12 thoughts on “Why so serious?

  1. That last question… I thought about it a moment. I’m glad to say I’m free from the must do’s without sacrificing anything really. I’m kind of in a flow, but it’s a good kind of flow. 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on Activate Well-being and commented:
    I love this reminder from Johanna Rosberg! Well-bring is lighthearted, not to be forced or “tried for”. It is BEING well. (Instead of doing well).
    The part about skipping the gym- I might suggest some other options- going for a walk outside or with a friend who makes you belly laugh or play your favorite happy song (i.e. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”), dance and sing along.


  3. I feel free when I’m at a concert. I am dancing and singing and connecting with the music and all the crap in life is gone for those two hours.

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