How to SAVE for a HOLIDAY: 4 easy peasy STEPS!


I’m going on a holiday, guys! This time we’re headed for a fun and both relaxing and adventurous holiday in Las Vegas and Hawaii. Oooh and aaah…!

I caught a major travel bug when I was young, always going places with mum, and it seems to just get worse and worse every time I book a holiday… But not that I’m complaining!


Every time I’m about to travel somewhere people, say “Oh, I’m so jealous!” or “I wish I could go somewhere, too!”. And every time, I say “Just do it!”.
The most common response I get is “I can’t, I have no money.”

If you think you don’t have enough money, I’m here to tell you differently! Because the only reason I can go on holidays, is because I save (and I can proudly say I’m damn good at saving, too!) and because I want to go (you know me – it’s all about asking the universe)!

So the only thing between you and your dream holiday, is a bit of time and a lot of saving. And saving isn’t even hard – I still treat myself plenty even though I save lots – it’s all about choosing the right kind of saving.

So how is it done?

By being smart and savvy, and by wanting to go on that holiday badly enough (because that makes it a hell of  a lot easier to cut back on other stuff at home).

 1. Bring your own lunch
Most of us go to work, and most of us don’t get free lunch at work (how awesome would that be, though!). So make the choice of bringing your own food. If you think about it, all it takes is to cook a little bit extra every night when you cook dinner (leftovers is the best thing ever, anyway!), or to spend an extra five minutes in the morning to whip up a killer sandwich.
This will save you at least $5 every day, but most likely up to about $10. That’s $25-50 every week! $100-200 every month! OR $1200-2400 EVERY YEAR!! That’s your plane ticket, anywhere you want, right there – just from not buying takeaway lunch every day!

 2. Use the stuff you already have
We are an over-consuming society, for sure. We buy stuff all the time. Especially clothes and things that we already kind of have more than plenty of. So maybe it’s time to bring new life into those pieces stuck at the back of your closet, rather than buying a new dress that you’ll only wear once?

 3. Catch the bus/train
This one kind of speaks for itself. It is, after all, way cheaper to go public transport than driving (which means paying for gas and parking). So if you have the option where you live – be wise.

 4. Make up a budget – and stick to it!
As soon as pay stumbles into your account, make sure to have a budget ready for the next week, fortnight or month (depending on how often you get paid). This way you’ll know exactly how much you can afford to spend on bills, food, and fun, and how much you can send off to the savings account.
Extra tip: keep a savings account with a different bank, that way it’s harder to “steal” money when you feel like it, because it’ll take a day for it to move anywhere, anyway.


There you have it! This is how I save money. This trip we’re on now, we have saved up for in just about 7 months (and we’re not travelling on a budget whatsoever!), just by following the above steps. Simples!

If we ever feel like splurging out, say go out for a fancy dinner for example, we just ask ourselves “would I rather go out to a fancy restaurant here at home, or in [insert next travel destination].”

Anything is possible! So where will you travel to next?

Endless love,



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