The beauty of the universe



Whenever I fly, I feel so humble. It’s when I fly that I realize how small we really are (I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m the closest to space that I ever have and ever will be).

As we were flying towards Las Vegas, our first stop on our holidays, I opened up the window blind next to me to have a peak outside. The night had fully arrived in all its sparkling glory, and I got to see and experience something I never have before – something magical, to say the least.

I put my forehead to the window glass and closed my hands around my face to shut out any lights coming from within the cabin, and found that we were sheltered in a dome covered in stars. Below was the pitch black Pacific, and above (or more like in front of), a beautiful scene played out by all the constellations, fighting over which could shine the brightest.


It was honestly one of the coolest and most beautiful (lacking better words…) sights I’ve ever had before me. I felt, for a moment, as if I was floating in endless space, and I could really feel the power of the universe pulsating within me, as my excitement grew over what I was watching and experiencing.

You know when something is just so amazing (I seriously cannot find any words to describe it!) and beautiful that you can’t help but get a bit emotional? I simply could not stop a few tears – not that I wanted to stop them, anyway.

The scenery before me made me think of how teeny, tiny we are in this vast universe, but how fascinating it is still, the power that we have over our lives. Our tiny selves actually have a say in this vastness and great power that we’re surrounded by. If you think about it, that’s quite extraordinary.

And that means you are extraordinary.

Make use of it, and make an imprint on this great, beautiful and truly magical universe that you have the privilege to spend some time in.


Please share, what’s the most beautiful, breathtaking thing or sight you’ve ever experienced?

Endless love,



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