The Cosmic Ordering Service, here to help

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I’ve been doing one thing wrong lately, when I’ve been trying to manifest things or ask the universe for something to come true. So I wanted to share this with you, in the hopes of being able to help you (maybe we’re making the same mistake?) but also to show that you must always practice and become better and better at this.

I’ve been practicing this for years, and I still don’t get it right every time. But don’t let that get you down, because that’s the beauty of this, and what makes it interesting still!

Here’s my problem (and remember, problems are for solving!):
Lately I’ve been asking the universe for a few different things, by certain dates mostly, but have found myself frustrated over the fact that it hasn’t come true – not even after the expiry date.

I could not for the life of me figure out what I was doing wrong… until I re-read the book The Cosmic Ordering Service by Bärbel Mohr. And then it was so (almost ridiculously) obvious.


Bärbel Mohr speaks of the universe as an ordering service (she calls it the Cosmic Ordering Service) that is here to deliver to you what you want, as long as you ask for it. In her book, she compares the universe to any type of ordering service (the book was written in the 90’s so she speaks of phone and catalogue ordering, which of course is a bit outdated, but still has the same function as internet ordering that we use today).

The thing is, when you, for example, are on a website ordering clothes, you would only ever put your order in once, right? You wouldn’t do it again and again and again, and you certainly wouldn’t call the company up time and time again reminding them that you’ve put in an order, would you?

No, of course not, we all say. That would make the company so sick of us that they might not help us next time, right?

And yet, I have found myself doing this exact thing lately. I’ll place an order with the universe, and then I just can’t seem to let it go. Several times a day I find myself thinking about the order, placing it again and again – just in case they didn’t hear me the first time.

But the universe always listens. It hears everything. There’s not a single wish that passes it by – not even the ones that you make unconsciously.

So if I’m here constantly asking for the same thing, that kind of gives the impression that I don’t trust the universe, doesn’t it?

That itself, creates a pressure to the whole situation, as it makes me desperate for what I want. And when we’re pressured or desperate we might not see the signs or feel the impulses that the universe is sending our way, so that we can receive the package they want to deliver.

One of the most important parts in all of this – in asking and receiving – is to have faith – to trust in the universe to give you what you want and need.

So ask just once. Then try to forget your wish somehow (at least don’t let it become desperation), and have faith. If you find yourself thinking about it again and again, just tell yourself that it actually doesn’t matter if you do receive what you’ve asked for or not – you’ll still be equally as happy as you were before. It won’t change a thing.

Remember that. It won’t change a single thing.

Ordering once is enough. And don’t forget to thank the universe once your package arrives…


Endless love,



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