With everything that’s been going on lately –  all these horrible and inhumane things and deeds – I wanted to take a moment and ask all of you to join me in sending out all the love that you possibly can, out into the world. We all need it – for the sake of our own, and our entire planet’s, well-being and survival.

And remember that it’s the people who deserve it the least that need it the most. If not at least to drive the evil, the hate and the destruction away. The only thing that can drive away darkness is light. So let’s spread some love and light!

So will you join me, every morning as you wake up, in taking just a minute of your time to send your love out into the universe? Do it whatever way you find comforting or suitable. If you need inspiration, I tend to imagine a great light coming from within me and shining all the way around the world, wrapping every world citizen in my bright, loving light.

I’m asking you to join, because the more the merrier. The more light and love good people send out, the harder it’ll be for darkness to manifest and take control; the harder it’ll be for evil to conquer.

And love can’t lose in all of this. That’s the last thing that can happen.

Here’s an awesome song and video for inspiration:

Endless love, to everyone, as always,



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