Wisdom Wednesday #9

happy have


I always say how important gratitude is – both for our well-being and for our possibility to manifest new things that we want into our lives. Gratitude is and will always be the way.

But many aren’t aware of this. So often – more than once daily, in fact – do I hear people complaining over this and over that, and how they wish things were different and better, etc., not realizing that you first need to acknowledge the good in your life, in order to create more.

Being grateful for the things you have, doesn’t mean that you’re settling – it means that you know the way. You know that the way to happiness and achievement leads down Gratitude Road.

So show gratitude towards the things in your life that make you smile, and then keep your eyes on the horizon, knowing that what you ask for, and work for, will come to you.

Endless love,



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