Soul talk: Believe.



I channelled my soul the other day, and I wanted to share with you what it told me. I think the words apply to everyone, sort of as a reminder or motivation.

I had the word belief dancing around in my mind, and as I asked about it, here’s what my soul told me:

Believe in yourself, your own capability. Believe in the good of everyone, the good of the planet as a whole. Believe that you can help and believe that people want your help. Believe that you can give. Believe that you will receive. Believe that all is given. Believe that the time is right, the time is now.
Believe that it will all come to you with ease. Believe that is the way and this is your path.


So if you’re feeling a bit lost or uninspired, if you’re feeling low or out of context, just hang in there. Just believe. You will get there. Maybe you’re even there, on your path, just that it’s covered in some weed that needs to be cleared away.

2016-07-08 07.57.30

With those soul words, I knew exactly what I was being told: it’s time for me to start working for real. I have big plans for myself (because why not?) and for the world, and if anything is ever going to happen, I better get going.

Therefore, I have decided that July will be my month of planning. And after that, it’s time for action! Step by step. But I definitely need something to work towards – deadlines and all that stuff.

So here we go!

2016-07-08 07.58.02

What are your plans for July – or for the rest of the year, even? Have you had an experience lately that have prompted you to make a change or start taking action? Please do tell me in the comments! 🙂

Endless love,



8 thoughts on “Soul talk: Believe.

  1. Wow, just wow. This hit me so hard. Today I had a very very difficult day at work and even though I came home about 90 minutes ago, it still makes me so sad. To make a long story short, I feel like a coworker really stabbed me in the back today, they could’ve jeopardize my job, my advancement in the company and a lot of things. They put my integrity (something that I place high value on) through the ringer. Needless to say, I feel very badly affected and it made a world of difference to read your very encouraging words. Very, very nice! Thanks for posting 🙂


    1. I’m so sorry to hear what happened at work! There’s nothing worse than the feeling of betrayal… But I’m glad my words could help and perhaps change things around a little bit for you 🙂
      Remember that it’s probably your coworker in the end that’s going to look bad, not you. Just do your best at all times, and you will know you’ve done a good thing, no matter what happens. All the love to you! ❤

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