STEP AWAY from the burning vehicle

step awayBurning vehicle [noun]
1. a car on fire (duh.)
2. a job, an idea, a person, a project, or a situation that will only end up blowing up and causing issues or harm over at least a 20 meter radius.


How do you know if you should keep going or if it’s time to step away from the burning vehicle?

How do you know when a project or an idea have gone far enough?

It’s a fine line, knowing when you’ve hit a dead end or if it’s worth it to keep going. But usually we know the answer deep down – just listen to what your heart tells you, and I’m sure you’ll make the wisest decision possible.

Because there comes a time when we need to realize it’s time to step away and move on. There comes a time when we’ve worked so hard for something, but it seems it might not work out – maybe we’ve even changed our mind about what we want along the way?

If, or when, you hit that point in life where you have nothing more to give towards a certain project, a certain person, or a certain situation, know that it’s okay to let it go.

Know that it’s in your best interest to do so.

Because if you don’t step away, what will happen when that vehicle eventually blows up?

(I’m pretty sure most of us won’t look as cool as Horatio…)

So step away from your burning vehicle (if it’s gone that far that you would call it a burning vehicle). It’s totally fine, and I highly advice you to do so.
I’ve done it a few times, and yes, at first it feels like you’re giving up and you feel horrible for it. But soon you’ll find a certain, almost unfamiliar, feeling of freedom and an urge to get going with something else.

NOTE: if you do step away, that does not count as giving up!
If you choose to step away after doing everything you possibly could have done to save something, you should be pretty damn proud of yourself. Don’t see it as failure or as giving up – you’re just taking a step in a different direction. And that new direction might just turn out to be a better road for you than the one you just drove off of, in that burning vehicle of yours.

Endless love,


Are you struggling with something at the moment (or have in the past) that takes up all your time and energy but doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere? Do tell me in the comments, and let me know how you deal with it! ❤



8 thoughts on “STEP AWAY from the burning vehicle

  1. Love this. And i totally agree with you. ‘Cause when you feel like something isn’t part of your growing up, even you gave your hardest strike on it, let it go, it’s different from “giving up”. And as you’ve said, maybe you can face a better road along the way 🙂 thanks for this! God bless!

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    1. I’m glad you liked it! So often do we hold onto things that should be let go, just because we’re worried to see what happens when we stop. But anything that isn’t giving you some sort of pleasure or has a certain purpose any longer, belongs in the past. On to better things then, I say! 🙂
      Thank you for commenting!

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      1. I agree. We’re afraid to take risks ’cause we don’t know what will happen, we don’t hold the future. But whatever will happen, it’s part of God’s plan! You’re a great blogger 🙂

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        1. That’s true! And what would there be to life if we didn’t take risks every now and then, right? That’s what makes us feel alive! 🙂
          Thank you so much, you’re too kind! I’m so glad to have you on board, and to be part of your team as well!

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  2. Yes! There are times in life when we need to step away from that burning vehicle. Often I will get in the mindset of thinking I have to finish and see it through, but then, I ask myself “Why?” ? “Why do I feel the need to finish when my heart is not in it, or, finishing will not move me forward in the direction I desire?” Once I take time to consider why I feel it needs to be completed I have a clearer understanding of whether I should see it through or walk away. When reading non-fiction I used to finish the book even if it was boring, did not contain the information I was anticipating, and was not useful. I would simply forge on till the last page looking forward to start the next. Now I realize everything in my life does not have to be finished. There are going to be times when it is in my best interest to quit, not as a failure but as one who learned the needed lesson and was ready to move on.

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    1. You are spot on! I used to do the same with books, but then I realized that there are way too many good books out there to be wasting your time on the bad ones!
      Life’s too short for us to be doing things that aren’t beneficial in any way. And asking yourself “Why?” is a great idea when you need to figure things out.
      Thank you for sharing this, Melanie!

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