Like a cloud, you cannot make mistakes

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Alan Watts once said:

You have to regard yourself as a cloud, in the flesh, because, you see, clouds never make mistakes.

Tell me, have you ever seen a faulty cloud float along the sky? Have you ever seen a cloud that was misshapen?

Come to think of it, can you name anything on this planet that doesn’t do what it’s meant to be doing? Is the hen mistaken when sitting on her eggs? Is it wrong of the lion to hunt the zebra? Is the snake out of the ordinary for shedding its skin?

No, no, and no. They’re not. Because they are all part of the whole. They’re all part of this unifying universe, where we all have a purpose, and where we are all following that circle of life, whether we realize that we’re doing or not (most of us and all animals are, in fact, not really aware).

So if none of the other organisms and beings can make mistakes, why should you be able to?

That’s right, you guessed it: you can’t.

You cannot make mistakes. It’s that simple.

How, or why, you ask?

Because you are sent to this planet, to this specific life, for an experience. That’s all our souls go through and it’s all we’re meant to go through. And each step you take in this experience is a step you are meant to take – just like the cloud is shaped a certain way, just like a wave rolls towards the shore – because it is its sole purpose to do so.

If you for a moment try to let go of the idea that we can do wrong in this life, you’ll find an infinite amount of peace within. And I think you’ll understand that it is indeed true.

We are perfect, just as we are, because that’s how we’re meant to be.

Just think of a “mistake” you consider yourself to have done. Was it maybe the case where that “mistake” actually carried you to a certain point in life, or had you go through a certain experience that made you stronger or in any way shaped you into a better person?

Whether you just decide that you can’t make a mistake or whether you don’t decide, it is true anyway, that you are like a cloud.

Alan Watts was a pretty wise man, you know. Let’s trust him, and the course of nature, shall we? It is after all always right.

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments!

Endless love,




6 thoughts on “Like a cloud, you cannot make mistakes

  1. I totally agree Johanna; I believe every action, experience, and event are all meant to be and will bring us to a better place. Reading your post reminded me of a difficult interaction with my teenage daughter last week. She cried and I cried and I listened to some hard stuff and I told her I would try more, but I am who I am. Now I can see that as difficult and draining as this experience was, it made us closer and brought us more clarity. Thanks!

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    1. I definitely believe so, too. There has to be a purpose with everything that we go through, good and bad.
      And how lovely it is that you can see the positive outcome of what happened between you and your daughter. Sometimes all you need is to let some steam out. Besides, communication is key, as none of us are mindreaders!
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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