When we grow



I went to the supermarket the other morning to get myself something for breakfast. I got straight out of bed, and put an old hoodie on and a pair of almost torn apart shoes. No shower, no makeup, nothing. Just non-filtered me.

As I walked down the street, sun shining bright on my face, I realized something kind of cool and exciting: a couple of years ago, I would so not have done this. A couple of years ago, I refused to even leave the house if I hadn’t had a shower and washed my hair.

But there I was, walking around my neighbourhood with greasy hair and half-grubby clothes.

And you know what? It felt awesome! I felt like a rock star, pretty much. I couldn’t care less what anyone thought of me, because I know now that most people don’t think anything of you – they’re too busy wondering what they look like themselves.

And oh boy, is that a liberating feeling!

Not only have I become more mature, but also more confident, and comfortable with myself and my flaws (which are actually what makes us beautiful, anyway!). There’s really nothing cooler than the moments when you realize that you’ve changed for the better, and grown as a human being.

Share in the comments! What is different about you today, compared to who you were a couple of years ago?

Endless love,



5 thoughts on “When we grow

  1. So liberating! I would have to say I’m more selfish with my time now. A few years ago I would drop anything and everything if someone wanted to hangout or go somewhere. As you get older, you realize what needs to be eliminated for time constraints.

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