What are your life values?

As some of you would know (hey, colleagues!), I work for a jewellery brand called Pandora. And most of you would probably have heard about this brand, at least.

It’s a great company to work for, and I do enjoy my job. Last week, we did some training with Pandora Head Office, and mostly, we focused on the life values of Pandora, which are Pride, Passion and Performance.

I’m sharing this with you today, because I thought about these values (and life values in general) for a couple of days and realized that they actually can apply for everyday life as well – of course in a slightly different way, though.

Let me show you:



The lion symbolizes pride. Keeping pride as a life value means that you take pride in who you are, and that you are proud of what you do. You see your own beauty, and value your wits. And you never worry too much about making mistakes, because you know there will always be another chance to make it work.


The beautiful, loving giraffe, with the massive heart, represents passion. With passion as a life value, you let your true passion(s) lead the way and guide you in the decisions you must make throughout life. You do everything that you take on with great enthusiasm and care, and nothing presenting itself before you is too big or too small. You also know the importance of love – sharing endless amounts of it, and letting it guide you – as well as gratitude.



The bumblebee stands for performance. And great willpower. With performance as a life value, you never give up, and you never doubt yourself. You don’t care so much what others say, or if things look to be going against you – if you’ve set your mind to it, you damn well will achieve it, too! You know your abilities and are willing to test the limits of them to go even further, always striving to outperform yourself.

I’ve decided to make these three, Pride Passion Performance, my own life values (for now anyway, they tend to change from time to time, of course), alongside with this little gem:



The eagle gets to symbolize freedom, as it, with its magnificent beauty, glides through the air, nothing stopping it (it is even at the top of the food chain!). With freedom as my fourth life value, I let my wings soar through the open sky, with a life full of possibilities and nothing holding me back. I can go wherever I want, and as far as I want, in complete control of most things around me.

Share with me in the comments: What are your life values?

Endless love,



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