Own it: Responsibility




Oh, no… you think.

Oh yes! I say.

It’s one of those ones that none of us really like. We draw a deep sigh when we think of it, hear of it, are reminded of it.


But I just don’t want to…!

Because it’s hard. It’s tough being an adult and being responsible for everything that we do – and everything that we don’t do. It’s so much easier blaming other people, or events or circumstances, isn’t it?

But it’s time for a wakeup call! It might be a tough one to shut down – and you definitely don’t want to snooze it!


Here’s the deal: it’s time we starting owning up to and taking responsibility for our actions and inactions. You are the only one responsible for your life, and I’m the only one responsible for mine. It’s time we wake up to this fact and start taking things a bit more seriously (but in a fun way, of course!). We can’t forever blame our parents, the partner who left us, our boss, or God/the universe/whatever you believe in. And we can’t forever blame our genes or our surroundings.

It’s about time we start owning up to what’s going on in our life. Are you not happy about something? Is something bothering you, or hurting you?

Then change it, or make it stop.

Because you have the power to do so. In fact, you are the only one, the sole person, who can change whatever is going on around you. So stop depreciating yourself! Realize the power within you and how great and endless it is! Realize that everything is up to you, no matter what. And that’s actually a great thing! That means you can always turn something around – you just need the right mindset.

If you take responsibility of your life, you will also take control over it. And once you see the immense control you actually have, there’s nothing stopping you from getting and doing what you want!


What will you take control over today? And what does your great inner power look like? Share in the comments! 🙂

Endless love,


6 thoughts on “Own it: Responsibility

  1. One of my clients was wearing a tee-shirt yesterday that said, “Suck it up, buttercup.” I don’t know whether it was referring to life in general or, haha, working out in the gym (I’m her personal trainer). It made me think, as did you blog.


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