Fake it till you make it!



Have you been trying to do this whole positive thinking thing, but it just doesn’t seem to be working? Is it so much harder than you thought it would be?

I get it. It’s not that fun when you need to struggle and always be so bloody aware, right?

So that’s when your inner actor steps on stage!

Here’s the thing: in order to get onto the right path, you get on your mark, wait for your cue, and then fake it all up. Just make it up, pretend – like actors do.

Changing your ways and how your mind works is hard work, and it takes a lot of practice. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! So in order to get onto the right track, you just need to fake your good mood and your good thoughts. Fake them until they become more and more sincere.

I know it sounds really weird, and you will feel like you’re cheating, but I assure you it’s not cheating – it’s part of the journey!

Let me give you an example: say you want to love yourself, because you realize it needs to happen in order for you to be as happy as can be, and in order for you to find true love with others, as well. So you’ll need to go from maybe not really loving yourself, to basically falling in love with yourself. But this is not going to happen overnight, right? So therefore, you’ll have to pretend at first, to get the ball rolling. You’re going to need to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you”, even if you don’t believe it at first. But if you do this often enough, it will eventually become true. It will become your new reality.

Not following my argument?

It’s easy! The mind is so, so easy to fool. Like, ridiculously easy. But that’s a good thing! It doesn’t mean that you have a “stupid” mind, it just means that you have a well-intended mind – it wants everything to be beautiful and smell like roses. And isn’t that nice?

Your mind also takes everything for what it is. Everything is pretty much black and white in there. So when you do something often enough and put yourself, for example, on the frequency of self-love, your mind will take it literal and trust you and what you tell it. “I love myself,” you say. “Okay! Awesome! Of course!” your brain will say – and the rest is history.
Pretty good, huh?

Try it! The next time you’re having a bad day, start smiling, and don’t stop. You’ll find that after a while your mood will totally change – just because you’ve tricked your mind by smiling. It totally works. Pinky-swear!

So fake it till you make it. Because you will make it – it’s all in your kind mind.


What are you faking at the moment? Or is there something you’re going to start faking after this? Share in the comments, if you like! 🙂

Endless love,


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9 thoughts on “Fake it till you make it!

    1. Sounds great! But very important to remember: put a positive take on everything, so instead of “my back does not hurt”, say “my back is well and pain free”, etc. The mind and the universe can’t understand negations, they only give you what you focus on.
      Now, best of luck to you! (And yes, wine makes most things a lot better, haha) 🙂


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