The WHAT, the WHY, the WHEN



Let’s bring some clarity to life and what we’re trying to create! It’s time you ask yourself the big three

What are the big three? you ask (or maybe not, because, well… the title of the post).

But let me tell you…

When it comes to getting what you want and asking for it to come to you (either through simply asking out loud, or through writing it down as an order, or by visualizing it there are some things you need to know first: you need to know what you want (which is not always so easy!), why you want it, and when you want it.

This is the first step to attracting your deepest and innermost desires (or even the simplest ones!) – because obviously it would be hard to attract something you weren’t aware of. So here we go!

WHAT do I want?

As easy as it sounds, and yet not. Ask yourself this question, and allow yourself to think it through thoroughly before you answer it truthfully. Sometimes we know exactly what we want and need, but a lot of times, we don’t. And sometimes we think we know, but after giving it an extra thought it turns out that we had no clue at all or that it was something completely different form our original thought. So take your time, be patient, be thorough. For your own good.

WHY do I want it?

This is important to know, in order for you to attract it. The answer to this question doesn’t really matter – that is, if you want something just because it counts just as much as if you want it because you won’t survive if you don’t get it. But it’s important to know why you want it, so that you can easier manifest it.

WHEN do I want it?

Don’t be afraid to put a deadline on your wishes! In fact, I suggest you always do so, because otherwise the universe could be mistaken thinking that there’s no rush to it. And let’s face it, there’s always a rush to it when it comes to getting your wishes come true, right?
So if you want to receive your package in two days, two weeks, or two years, don’t be afraid to express it!

Forbidden territory

So now that we’ve gone through this, I must also let you know of a question you should not worry about – never EVER. Simply because it’s NOT NECESSARY.

What’s that question?

The HOW.

Never ever ask yourself “How do I get it?”!

Why not?

Because it’s just none of your business. Really.

The universe is the one and only who asks the how-question. So stay away from this one! If you go into the forbidden how-territory, there’s a risk that you put pressure on yourself and your wish(es), and that’s not really fair, is it? You’ve already done your job, and the rest will happen because you’ve done that.


So remember: just what, why, and when. The three W’s. Ask yourself those ones, and you’re all set!

Good luck!

Endless love,


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4 thoughts on “The WHAT, the WHY, the WHEN

  1. Liked your post, Johanna. I have been using this tactics (what why when) for a while and have developed a habit to be VERY careful with how I define/put my wishes into words. Because they do come true.

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