Wisdom Wednesday #12




What is the most perfect state of being to you? What would it be like to be the happiest and the most at peace that you can be? And what do you think is stopping you from being there right now?

I, and many others, see nirvana as being that state of perfect peace and happiness, that state we all want to reach in life. Because who doesn’t want to be the highest state of happy?

What we so often seem to forget is that we have a choice of where we find our nirvana. And no matter what our lives are, we have a choice as to how we view that life. We can choose to see our lives as perfect, easy and beautiful, or we can choose to see them as a constant struggle.

So of course nirvana can be where you are, if you want and believe it to be so.

If you focus on the fact that your life, right now, is at its best and highest state, where you are as happy as you want to be – then of course, it will be so. What’s in your mind will come to you. You have the power to change everything, and to make anything happen, just via your thoughts.

So choose your focus. Make your current state your nirvana. Enjoy life as it is, and see only the beautiful side of it and you will find your inner peace – your true nirvana.

Endless love,


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