Negative Nancy and Ned



You wouldn’t let an uninvited stranger come into your home, would you? And you wouldn’t let this stranger steal your most precious possession without a fight, right?

So why should we let strangers into our sacred space, interfering with our fragile energy? Why should we let the intruder steal our positivity?

At work one day, I encountered a… let’s say, not very pleasant man. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel people’s energy quite easily, so if someone around me has horrible energy, my good energy can get affected by it. As I was trying to sort a situation out, this man and his mood and energy kept banging on my doors, and I was trying desperately to not let him in. Usually I’m pretty good at that, but his… well, shit, did eventually manage to find an unguarded crack in the wall to seep in through.

This situation had me thinking and asking myself how can we protect ourselves from these Negative Nancys, or as in my case, Negative Neds.

What is negative energy?

Negative energy can be anything from stress, to anger, to jealousy, etc. Pretty much anything that makes you feel low and doesn’t serve a good purpose. People can have temporary negative energies when not feeling well, but they can also consist of constant negativity. Another, third option is where someone is sending negative energies to another person, for example if they’re jealous for any reason.

Either way, negative energies are obviously not awesome, and we want to avoid them at any cost – especially others’ entering our sacred space uninvited.

How do I protect myself?

There are many different ways of protecting yourself against people’s… well, again – shit (pardon the French!). Here are a few suggestions:

  • In the morning, as you wake up, start off on a positive note (as I always suggest), by showing gratitude to all good things in your life. As you do this, also set an affirmation and intention for the day, asking for protection and support. I like this affirmation:
    I am strong, and always protected by all light beings and forces.
    You can also imagine yourself surrounded by a golden glow, a protective golden barrier that is non-penetrable by any bad energies (only good ones can come through, because we want them, of course!).
  • Some of you might be familiar with and believe in the power of crystals and gemstones, and in that case, Black Tourmaline (or pretty much any black stone) will protect against and repel negative energies. Rose quartz is good too, as it replaces negative stuff with positive. Labradorite prevents a loss of energy (in case you’ve come in the way of an energy thief.
  • If you have already ended up in a situation where you are faced full front with someones shit (like me the other day), and you feel your heartbeat increase or your mood sink way low, try to center yourself – whatever that means to you. Bring your focus back into your body. Take unnoticeable deep breaths, and put all your focus on those breaths. Remember that what’s going on around you is not yours, and the negativity has no place within you. Again here, imagine that golden light protecting you.
  • When someone is trying to shoot negative energy your way, meet that energy with all the positive energy that you can muster. Give back, but in a good way. Positive energies are stronger and way more powerful than negative ones, and will always win. So don’t give in! (For all you Harry Potter fans, think of Harry and Voldemort and their wand battles. Oh yeah!)


Now, hopefully, with some preparation work and practice you will soon find yourself as strong as a titanium pillar, pushing all negativity out of your way! What do you do to protect yourself against negative influences? Please share with us in the comments!

Endless love,


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5 thoughts on “Negative Nancy and Ned

  1. Good article. What I do is think positive, keep being optimistic and forget about anything that is making me feel bad, or try at least as hard as possible. I try to do things that make me feel good and Satisfied. I try to see the bright side of life and also fix ASAP whatever is wrong in my life

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  2. Good post, Jo

    Now-a-days negatives abound. To guard against these negative influences, I make sure that I have my positive emotional anchors ready to counter balance the negatives.

    The positive emotional anchors could be an object like the gem stone you mentioned, or a picture, a posture, a phrase, a person, or whatever that has deep emotional value that energizes you and brings you confidence.

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