QUITTING is GOOD for you!



So I’ve told you about my experience with film school in L.A. back in 2011. I learned so many things during that time of my life, but, still, what I thought was my dream turned out to be quite the opposite. So I decided to quit halfway through the year. And I’m so glad I did!

That’s why today we’re going to talk about QUITTING.

Quitting is seen as something bad, something negative, and someone who quits is generally seen as lazy – even a failure. (Man, I really hate that word so much.)

So I want to change the way we look at quitting. Because one thing I learned after my L.A. experience, was that quitting is actually good for you! Quitting is necessary, because it means change when we’re stuck. And it means that we know it’s more important to do the things that really matter, than to struggle along doing things that no longer serves us. Maybe once it did, but if it’s no longer doing so, it’s time to let it go.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you should quit and give up on everything. This whole thing is about quitting what does not serve you. Of course, we should hang in there and work hard when it comes to the things we enjoy and really want to do!
Quitting is only for the things we don’t enjoy and deep down don’t want to do at all.

First of all: know that quitting does not equal failure – quitting just means that you’ve realised that something isn’t right for you anymore. And you know what? It takes incredible strength and courage to figure something like that out! And even more so to then do what’s best for you.




So we should quit for our wellbeing, for our happiness, for life, and for the experience. We must quit to get the negative influences out of our lives, so that we can live a happier and more peaceful life, making room for the things we really want to do.

Remember that the Law of Attraction (your greatest assistant in living the life of your dreams) works with what we have and what we send out there. It listens to our emotions and what’s constantly in our thoughts, assuming that we’re always focused on the things we want (when, unfortunately, more often we’re focused on the opposite). So if you’re constantly struggling and/or doing things you don’t enjoy – things that make you feel like blah – your emotions will keep sending this blah kind of feeling out into the universe, which in turn, will keep giving it back to you. And so the Law of Attraction keeps giving you what it thinks you want, rather than what you actually want.

And like that it keeps going round, in an endless catch 22

But that’s when QUITTING enters the stage! This is when you need to say STOP! NO MORE! I QUIT! and decide to no longer focus any energy on the blah stuff. This is when we leave it all behind. We quit for the sake of our lives.

So quit that book you don’t like! Quit that movie that’s only annoying you! Quit the gym! Quit your job! Quit your toxic relationships! Quit your anything! Whatever makes you sigh in a way you shouldn’t be sighing, or whatever’s causing a black hole in your stomach: QUIT IT!

I quit my dream of being a film actress when it turned out to not be what I wanted. It was actually one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, and I tried fighting it for a long time – I tried to endure, hoping it would get better (it only got worse). So only after quitting could I see life for what it really was; I learned new things, I found the true me, and I figured out what I actually wanted out of life.

Remember this very important thing: it’s only when we quit the bad stuff that we give enough room for the good stuff to enter our lives. 



Is there anything in your life that you’ve been wanting to quit, but haven’t dared to yet? Tell us about it in the comments! Let’s help each other out! Maybe today is the day…


Endless love,



9 thoughts on “QUITTING is GOOD for you!

  1. Very well written!!!:)
    It seriously takes a lot of courage to quit..I am a Chartered Accountancy student and i entered in this career with great zeal.However now i realize that it is frustrating me all the time,it is something in which i am not able to give my best,no matter how hard i try..I was seriously ignorant about the job of a C.A and all but entering in it is giving me a tough time,i feel like I am losing all my passion and other skills..So I am just quitting it for the same reason as you said..So I just hope that the new career to which I am switching to will help me get myself back! Since one year I was not able to quit just because I felt ‘Quitting equals Failure’ and the fear of ‘what people will say’..However now I have decided that it is my life and it has to be my way.
    Thank you so much,your article seriously motivates me a lot to move on and put my foot in something else that i enjoy doing!!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right! Your life can only be lived by your own rules! No matter what, you’ll find your way somewhere 🙂
      Thanks for commenting and sharing your story! I’m sure your new path will turn out better one way or another!


  2. So often quitting is the hardest and bravest step! You’re right, it can be completely liberating and welcome that fresh energy your soul craves to come swooping in to open new doors in life. Thank you for sharing your story Jo!


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