7 lessons learned from a failed dream



After writing my latest post on quitting – a lesson I learned after failing the biggest dream of my life to that day – I started thinking about all the things that my L.A. experience actually taught me. It taught me a great deal and many of these lessons are things I now live by.

So I wanted to expand on my last post and share with you the knowledge and wisdom of life that came to me after “failing” my dream (i.e. realising it actually wasn’t at all for me; that I all along had been chasing someone else’s dream).

So here goes…

  1. Quit when it’s time

    This is the one we’ve already spoken about, and I’ll encourage you to check it out here. I won’t go further into it again (no one likes too much repetition, right?). But I will once again say this: Quitting does NOT equal failure!

  2. Sometimes your soul has a different path planned

    We may want this and that, and yes, we are all equally capable of making our dreams come true. Sometimes, though, your fate is meant to take a different path. Sometimes your soul or higher self has a different path in mind than what your heart or mind does, to get you somewhere you need to go (physically, mentally, or spiritually). Your heart’s desire and your soul’s journey don’t always take the same turns, and your higher journey always goes before any earthly ones. This is simply something we need to accept, however hard that might be. If you give it time and thought, though, you will find eventually that whatever that soul path is, it is meant to be. Even though you lost something on the way, like in my case the biggest dream I’d ever had, you will see that it was for your own greater good.

  3. The importance of having someone to share your experiences with

    This can be either someone right by your side, or someone who is always willing to listen. I didn’t share any of my struggles in L.A. with any of my classmates – not because I didn’t feel like I could, but because I didn’t want to ruin their experiences. I knew many of us struggled anyway, and I didn’t want to weigh anyone else down with whatever was going on with me.
    I did have my mum, though. Yes, she was halfway around the world, but you know, Skype. (I’m forever grateful for the genius who came up with Skype, btw!). Pretty much every morning, she got up earlier before work, just to talk to me and see how I was doing. It was early morning at her house and late night at mine. She would bring her laptop to the bathroom and do her makeup while I pretty much cried out all my sorrows to her. Poor mum, it was definitely harder on her than I realised at the time! But having her listening and supporting obviously meant the world to me, and because of her, I could hold on just a little bit longer.

  4. Life brings you ups and downs so that you can evolve

    We all know that life is full of these ups and downs, and would it really be life without them?
    We go through everything that we go through in order for us to evolve, to grow – as a person, and on a higher level. We have certain purposes in life, and our fate takes us through plenty of trials and tribulations just so that we can become bigger and better, and learn lessons we’ll need further down the road.
    The low moments teach you so much more than the high moments, and we should really value them (at least) equally, if you ask me. The low moments makes us stronger, taller, richer. They shape you into who you are meant to be. So try to embrace them instead of fighting them.

  5. The importance of living in the present

    … or you might miss out on what life is all about – the experience!
    I totally could have made more out of my time in L.A. and looking back on it I do wish I’d have done some things differently, just to have enhanced my experience while I was still there. But at the time I had fallen down pretty hard and because of that my sight was very clouded. Despite some things that I feel I might have missed out on, I still had a great time and I made lots of friends from all over the world. Which is pretty cool, you know. But living more in the present means that you are more aware, and therefore more able to make the most of what you have in front of you – while it’s still there!

  6. The beauty of a dream is that we can catch it… 

    … but like a bird it’ll always be wild at heart – that’s the adventure!
    If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. That’s really how it is. You can’t force that life long dream to turn out exactly how you want it (it’d be awesome if we could, but there’s a thing called reality, too). But that’s the greatness of dreams – they’ll always be wild. And that’s what makes them so wonderful and inspiring to catch! If you’ve been chasing a dream for a long time and it turns out differently than you wished, don’t feel too upset. At least you caught it! You did the “impossible”! Maybe that specific dream is like a rare butterfly: you catch in in your net, admire it for a moment, but then you must set it free – simply because that’s where it belongs.

  7. Life is in the experiences, in the things we learn on the way

    Life really is the journey, not the goal! This follows closely with number 5, living in the present. You see, life is never about the end goal (because we all know what’s at the end…), but it’s all about the things we learn on the way, the challenges we go through, and the beautiful moments we get to experience. Life is made up of the things we do and go through, so that we can learn and grow and then have something to look back upon with a smile – no matter if it caused us pleasure or pain at the time. Life is beautiful just as it is, and when you learn to see that, you’ve come a long way.


Endless love,



7 thoughts on “7 lessons learned from a failed dream

  1. Very well written as there is always something to learn from a failed dream..However the most difficult part for me is to live in the present as I find it difficult to accept my past!
    And yeah, I find it true as you write that failure is always for our greater good and evolves a better version of ours!:)


    1. The past definitely is hard to accept sometimes, and all we can do if it has hurt us is give it time and attention to heal. I usually think of the past as something that was but no longer is – I can’t rewind time and so I must accept things as they are. I try to stay away from regrets, as they can’t change anything, they can only make you miserable in the present. And haven’t we already suffered enough in the past?
      It’s and better to let go and understand that it has shaped us into who we are. So instead of trying to erase the past, embrace it and be grateful for the person you’ve become. Because I’m certain that you have grown much stronger and wiser through it all!


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