Coming out of a closet…



Quite a while back I read this wonderful post by Nikita over at The Trail Provides Blog.

It’s about coming out of the closet.

Your spiritual closet, to be more precise.

And even though it’s been months since I read that post, the essence of it has still stayed in the back of my mind ever since. Because I can totally relate to Nikita. Now, I started slowly creeping out of that closet a while back, but there are still moments when I kind of want to go back in there, just because I get scared/worried/nervous.

When it comes to spirituality, I say each to his own. We’re all different, and we all have different faith.
I don’t judge anyone because of what they believe in, because I have things I believe in that I know not everyone agrees with. And that’s totally cool, of course! We’re not all meant to agree with each other all the time. But still I know that there are people out there who are ready to judge me, and what is fact and right to me.

That’s why that spiritual closet gets so comfy – because it’s warm and safe, and it’s just me and my beliefs in there. I don’t have to defend myself or my thoughts, or have someone look down on me just because I’m spiritual in my own way.

But even though the whole thought of sharing that part of me sometimes scares the crap out of me, I still feel a strange need to share my beliefs. I want to show people what the world is like from my point of view, simply because I see how beautiful it is, and because I want everyone to be able to live a life just as beautiful as mine. Everyone deserves to live a good, happy life!

My spirituality is a huge part of me and who I am, and an even bigger part of what I do and how I do things – and so, it’s kind of inevitable for me to share at least some of all the things I believe in. It’s then up to the next person whether they think it’s worth to give my way a go. Or even better: create their own way, with inspiration from my way!

I used to think that people would think I was strange or somewhat of a fool because of what I believe in; that I would sound like a loony who should be put in a hospital somewhere and have their mind set straight.
But you know what? I don’t care what people think anymore! I’ve grown so much stronger at this stage, so much more confident, and I know that what I believe in works so incredibly well for me. So why should I stop or change because someone out there might not agree with me?

Because of all of this, I have decided to share with you something very dear to me. That’s right…

I have a confession to make:


I believe in the power of the universe, the power of thought, and the power of me, because I have seen how strong all three of these powers are.
I believe in the Law of Attraction, because it has worked too many times for me that it just couldn’t not be real.
I believe in angels because I’ve been talking to them ever since I was a little kid.
I believe in ghosts/spirits, and I believe in (most) psychics.
I believe that we live more than one life, and that we can “travel back” to visit a past life through deep relaxation and with the help of memory imprints in our soul/subconscious.
I believe that we all have a soul – a soul that is our essence, our true being – and that this soul of ours is on a journey to something higher, through the different lives we live on this Earth and the lessons that we learn.
And I believe that the true purpose of life is love – in all forms.

Now, if any of these beliefs make me weird, or freaky, or even completely full-on crazy, then so be it. You’re very welcome to call me crazy if you want to. But let’s not point fingers at each other until we know the truth – and I doubt that we ever will…!


Feel free to share YOUR confession in the comments! What are your beliefs?


Endless love,




2 thoughts on “Coming out of a closet…

  1. Reading your article,I am reminded of the Rajyoga meditation course i attended at Brahmakumaris few months back and so i would like to share what i discovered and learnt with their help.I cannot express in words how great is this power of thought and all related transmitted vibrations!
    Spirituality is not about having different individual faiths.It is about realizing the presence of our soul in the body(which has a position near hypothalamus in our brain) and using our own spirit to the fullest potential to achieve the optimum in our daily tasks.Feeling the presence of soul is only possible when we actually experience the Power of Thought which is the main cause of all positive and negative outcomes in our life!
    Talking about more than one life,i would say that i too believe in it.It is because sometimes this law of attraction does not work and we blame it on our destiny and bad luck.However i believe there is nothing such as destiny but we all have multiple births(as most religions teach) So all mishappenings in our present life is due to something bad created by us in our previous births,so everything given or created by us will actually come back to us in the same form,the only difference being that we are born with a fresh memory and body this time.
    I would like to quote Swami Vivekananda: “Take the responsibility on your own shoulders,and know you are the creator of your own destiny.”

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    1. Oh, this is so beautiful, Shivangi! What a lovely way to explain and express spirituality. And Swami Vivekananda really put words to the very thing I live by!
      Thank you so so so much for sharing this with us all!


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