When you find your second heart

Today is mine and my partner’s anniversary! And in honour of that I wanted to share just a little something about love…




Your heart knows things that your mind can’t explain, because your heart is where your soul resides. Love is the very essence of our souls and our entire beings. Love is everything, the meaning of life and the meaning of us.

When I met my partner, I got the strangest, but most amazing feeling of coming home. As if I had all along been walking around looking for something without knowing it, and when I found it my whole being went “Ah, of course, that’s it!”. I’m sure many of you have experienced the same thing; that when you meet someone special, you feel like you already know them.




You let them into your heart, your most sacred space, and you just know that this time, you’ll never have to regret it. Because this time it’s simply for real. This is the time you’ve knowingly or unknowingly been waiting for all along. Up until that moment you had to go through the other hurts and heart breaks, in order to get to the state you needed to be in, for your two hearts to melt together – in full trust, in full comfort, in true and eternal love. Two hearts that had been waiting for the right timing.

We met “by chance” (not at all, I’m sure) in London. He was travelling the world with London as home base, and I was there working. Like two wandering bums we stayed at the same hostel for a couple of months. We ate breakfast together, and he tried taking me out for dates several times, but things kept getting in the way. Until one day, when we finally got some alone time, and a new chapter of both our lives was written.

Every single day I am so incredibly grateful to be sharing life with this amazing man of mine. He makes me feel like the happiest, the luckiest, the most beautiful and the most loved woman in the entire universe. Just the way it’s supposed to be.


My partner and I at the end of a lava tube in Hawaii.


For all the ladies out there: If a man doesn’t go through his every effort to spoil you, love you completely unconditionally, and make you feel like the princess you are, he’s not man enough for you. Keep looking. That kind of “fairytale” love you’ve only ever heard about really does exist (I didn’t think so a few years ago, but I was proven wrong!) and it’s so worth waiting for!

For all the men: Treat your girl the way she deserves to be treated. She is a goddess, and you don’t know what you’d do without her, right? If you don’t feel like that – keep looking. Your goddess will be out there looking for you in this very moment.

Never give up on love, people. Love is worth looking for, waiting for, fighting for. It’s the most magical and wondrousย thing we have – the closest to divinity we get to come during our time here on Earth.


Endless love to you all,



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