OK, so that happened…

Right now, I’m kind of lost for words, and have been since yesterday. (Yes, of course we’re talking about the US election – because how could we not, right?)

Now, I’m really not going to get started on what I think of all of this – let’s just say I did shed a few tears yesterday, and they were certainly not tears of joy.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m actually scared. But as I am who I am, I need to stay positive. I need to hold on to the little bit of light that I can see. And I also know that we need to face our fears when we see them; deal with them until they no longer have any power of us.

So I keep telling myself that sometimes we need to hit rock bottom – hard – in order to rise back up. 
I’ve been saying this for a while, with the state of our world being what it is, and now more than ever do I believe we have hit hard.

But we will get back up. Love will conquer. This is a moment when we cannot give up. We mustn’t give in to hate, and we mustn’t lower ourselves to standards that are not good enough – none of us. We must stay united and strong, especially through times like these.

So please join me in radiating love around yourself today. I’m letting go of the anger and disappointment inside to make room for more love – because that’s what the whole world needs. Even something as simple and relatively small like a smile can change someone else’s day, and that can create a ripple effect.
Show love to your brothers and sisters, no matter who they are, what they look like, or where they’re from. We are all in this together.


Endless love,



12 thoughts on “OK, so that happened…

  1. I’ve been stunned all day. 😢Lost for words. I keep reminding myself that is he is one man, and one man isn’t an entire nation. We can’t let fear divide us, we must unite in love and remember the truth, that we’re all one. Love is always the answer, even when it’s so challenging to do so.

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  2. I’m still in shock and so many other emotions going through me right now. I get the positive thoughts, but I’m not there. I work in a public setting and get a pretty good feel of people. People are scared, really scared, genuinely scared, and I am scared for them.


    1. Of course, I totally understand that – I’m right there with them! But that’s exactly why we need to put more energy into love and acceptance, because the hate around us feeds off our fear. Light will always outshine darkness, but first we must actually turn the light on and be sure to spread it.


  3. Yeah, whatever happened in U.S elections was unpredictable and unbelievable.I was literally in a state of shock but was relieved and could not stop my tears when I heard Hillary’s speech after Trump’s victory.She really has a charismatic aura around her!

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  4. Just sighted these thoughts of yours Jo. The rest of the world is equalky crestfallen at the way the country has squandered a rare opportunity of placing a woman at the helm as it would probably have made a qualitative difference in governance. It may well be that America is yet not ready for it as the lumpen elements appear to be bent on taking it backwards. Time for centrist forces among the people to work painstakingly towards refining the polity and getting them back on track.

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