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On Saturday, a dear friend of mine left Australia to go back to China, to spend time with her family and try out a new job she was offered over there.

It made me think of how hard it is to part with the people you love. You know how much you’re going to miss each other, but at the same time it’s kind of bittersweet, because most times the one who’s leaving is leaving for a new adventure – a change that can be very exciting and evolving. It’s a new chapter in someone’s life.

And change isn’t bad, it just means that we have to adjust. And what do we really do better than adjust?

Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things to do – especially when you are the one leaving. I’ve dealt several times with the guilt of leaving people behind – I know I’m doing something for myself, something that I want, but that makes it somehow even harder to leave, because you feel bad for it.

But remember that this is your life and your experiences and you need to make the most of the time that you have here. And sometimes that means leaving people for some time.

Always know, though, that the people you are leaving will be OK, just like you will. They are on their own path in life, writing their new chapters as you are writing yours.
Sure, it’s hard when you’re crying so much that you can hardly get the last glimpse of them as you go, but you will (usually) see each other again. And if not, at least you got the time together that you had.

To me, there’s something so intriguing about change – something very beautiful – and it is undoubtedly part of our lives. It really is inevitable. Change means going on an adventure where you most times have no clue of how things are going to work out – and yet, you’re willing and so keen to try it.

I mean, how cool and brave is that?!

So always be open to change. Always take the road that your gut is pushing you. Always try new things, even when it scares you. Change means transformation, and that transformation will lead to a new and stronger you.

My friend Cherry might come back to Australia – or she might decide to stay in China. And isn’t it the beauty of the unknown that makes life so interesting and fun to experience?

Plus, when you’ve been apart for some time, the reunion that is bound to happen at some stage is totally worth it. I can’t wait to see all my family and friends back in Sweden one day. But I’m also so grateful that life took me to Australia to meet all the beautiful people I’ve met here.

I know I will see Cherry again one day. Maybe in Australia, maybe in China, maybe in France… Only the future will tell, and I’m excited to see where both of us will be standing then…


How do you feel about change? What is the hardest part about it? And what makes you do it anyway? Share in the comments! 🙂


Endless love,



8 thoughts on “New chapters

  1. Thank you for writing this article! It surely captures what I am feeling at the moment 🙂 Change is good but sometimes we tend to dwell on what is comfortable to us thus making hard to accept the change. I moved into a new country with my family and being in a new country is ….., so many changes so many adjustments, and there are times I find myself saying to myself..why did I move to a new country when I am already so comfortable with my life. Guess, I wouldn’t know it until I try…I am still in the adjustment phase but so far it’s good.

    I’m so glad to be reading your articles! It’s so uplifting! Cheers!


    1. Thank you for commenting, Lindsay!
      Moving to a new country is definitely a huge change, and it’s scary and cool and nerve-wrecking and life changing, all at once. I should know, I’ve already done it three times so far (I suspect there might be more coming…), haha! Leaving what you’re comfortable with is hard and the transition can sometimes be almost painful, but it’s also a great opportunity to learn so much more – about yourself and about the world we live in. We need change and new experiences in order to grow and learn our life lessons. Plus, it’s good for both our mind and body (and sanity, the way I see it) to throw ourselves out there into the unknown – just to feel a bit more alive!
      When I’m faced with something new, I always try to stay in the present, avoiding to dwell or linger on what things are like “back home”. See all the good things you experience in your new place and keep focus on them no matter how small they are some days, and embrace the differences you see and live, because those differences are what makes the world so incredible! 🙂
      Best of luck to you and your family in settling in!

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      1. Hi Johanna, Thanks for the reply and the words of encouragement! Yes, I agree stop dwelling and missing stuffs that I was used to..Embrace change…and move forward! All the best and keep on inspiring other people.

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  2. I too had a tough time after I left my class 12th!I missed my friends a lot for we always thought that we would stay together.However now I realize sometimes it is for our own betterment that we have to part away to grab opportunities which are too different in each of our’s career path. 🙂


  3. Life is change. There is only one thing permanent, and that is change. Except change, everything else changes. To accept this nature of life, to accept this changing existence with all its seasons and moods, this constant flow that never stops for a single moment, is to be blissful. Then nobody can disturb your bliss. It was indeed my hankering for permanency that created troubles for me for years. Then I realized if I want to live in a life with no change – I am actually asking the impossible. Thus I accept change and readily now try to move on.

    Try to…. Because on my journey it is always the other who leaves me all alone and I have to start yet again. All dreams get broken and heart shatters a lot. But after crying for months I realize if my smiles could not keep them with me, my tears are not surely going to. Then thinking that everything changes I accept the change.

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    1. That’s true, that life is change. Sometimes things happen that we cannot control, but then it is still up to us how we deal with these situations occurring and how we react to it. After grieving – which is a must when we’re hurt – it’s all in our attitude what comes next. Sounds like you’ve got the right approach, Pawan!

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      1. Well it was a time for months I could not accept change and I was complaining as in each breath and maybe cursed myself for been alive. Yes it was a heart breaking kind of moment, shattered yes but I was creating Hell by being acting with such an attitude. The thing had happened and no amount of tears or my crying was going to change it but I guess my Ego was making things worse….. After making myself to be on ground, going into the woods, crying under the open sky, kissing the trees in the woods, hugging to them I felt that change is the rule of Universe….. So if I had to move I need to accept things change people change and situations change….
        Yes agreed to your each and every word the whole thing is with what our attitude we place it on….
        I am glad for myself that Source blessed me to be able to move on and show me the right path as I started accepting things as they are.

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