Feng Shui for your home

Last Friday, we spoke about clearing the clutter, and how important it is to not keep too much stuff around you – not only for your home, but for your mind and body, and for your manifestation work, too.

We also touched the subject of Feng Shui, but as this is something so fundamental in how I decorate my homes, I’d like to go further into what Feng Shui is actually all about.


What is Feng Shui?

The term Feng Shui translates directly to “wind-water”. The name is said to come from the idea that qi, or energy, travels the wind and scatters, and is preserved in water. It is an ancient Chinese philosophical system or pseudoscience that stretches really far when it comes to interior design and architecture. In essence, it deals with how people, animals and plants are affected by nature, and it works towards harmonising everything and everyone with the surrounding environment. Feng Shui is built on the belief that qi binds the universe, earth, and humanity together, and that we can either help make that bond more positive or more negative.

So Feng Shui works with nature to create harmony, and some of the things that can be used in the practice is the knowledge and use of the five elements (earth, water, fire, wood, and metal), cardinal directions, colours, numbers, and shapes. You can pretty much make Feng Shui as advanced as you want (the possibilities are practically endless!) but I prefer to stick to a more simple version because it works for me. If I get into too much detail it tends to just confuse me a bit.

There are different ways of decorating depending upon your personality and what sparks you. But there’s also a lot of general ideas and tips (which is what I focus mainly on) – like always keeping the toilet seat shut to not allow energy to easily flow out of your home; not letting all your electrical chords get too messy in a certain corner; not hang family photos in your bedroom (you still want a good sex life with your partner, right? Well, how do you expect that to happen if you’re surrounded by pictures of your kids or your parents?); keep lots of green plants to freshen the air; keep your mirrors clean to not see a stained you staring back. 

And all this stuff kind of makes sense doesn’t it?

OK, so Feng Shui involves a lot of different paths and information, but I personally work mostly with something called the Bagua. The theory is that your house is divided into nine different sections by the bagua, each section with different energies and purposes. These sections are:

  • Wealth and prosperity
  • Success, fame and social life
  • Love and relationships
  • Family and health
  • Good fortune, peace and balance
  • Children, creativity and fun
  • Wisdom and self-knowledge
  • Career and life journey
  • Helpful friends, spiritual life and travel


Now, take a moment to reflect upon your life and your situation as it is right now. What areas are working really well for you? And in what areas would you like to see some improvement?

Keep the answers in the back of your mind, maybe even write them down – we’re going to work more closely on this in a moment.

So how the Bagua works, is that it is used to outline a map over your house, to find out where these nine different sections fall. Once you know where each one of them is placed, you can use this information to improve certain areas of your life. Let’s take a look at a colour-schemed Bagua:




This Bagua shows you what colours each section resonates with, what element and what shapes it’s drawn to, and also what number it works best with. Then, the bagua map can be used on top of a map of your home, to help you figure out where the lines go.
Outline an approximate map of what your house would look like from up top.

Here’s my apartment:




Say that, for example, someone is struggling with their love life, and they would like to see some change in that area, you would use the bagua to figure out where the Love and Relationships section is in that person’s home. In my apartment, for example, it falls in the upper corner of our bedroom. This is then an area one could work on to improve love life and relationships.

But how does one work on it?


What tools can we use to improve a certain section?

Well, there are a lot of different ideas and ways as to how to change something, but generally, what I work with, is colours and symbols, and different decorations. For example, it makes sense to decorate with red colours (check out the colour-schemed bagua above to see what colours enhance different sections!) and love hearts in the love space, as well as pictures of yourself and your partner together, if you’re wanting to improve an already existing relationship. Also, different sections in the bagua works on different elements and therefore works with different geometrical shapes and different materials (again, see the colour-schemed bagua above!).

Now, if you, like me, are currently renting your house or apartment it can of course be tricky for you to repaint a room into the colour you need or want. But if that’s the case – don’t worry! All you need to do then is to work with what you can!

So think decorations!

If you’re needing more red (for example) in your love section, decorate with some red pillows or perhaps a red mat/carpet, hang pictures frames that have red in them… And work with the geometrical shapes that enhance the energy in that section (Love needs square shapes), and/or the specific number (of course, the Love section works with the number 2). The options here are pretty much endless and it’s up to your imagination and creativity! Whatever works for you, is all you need!

I want to improve my Wealth section and my Career section, so I will work on fixing up our second bedroom (which is currently pretty much just used a storage room) and our living room. Lucky me, it just so happens that my work space is in the very section of my house that is Career. Perfect! Time to get decorating!


Share in the comments – what’s the first section you will work on? Also feel free to share your thought on Feng Shui!

Best of luck!

Endless love,



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