Signs ahoy!

Do you believe in signs?

Like signs from the universe, from angels, from God, or whatever you believe in.

I do.

I think I’ve just had too many of them to not think that it’s a thing. And yesterday I got one, for sure…




Lately I’ve been going for walks without my phone and headphones. I used to do what everyone else seems to be doing: sticking those headphones in your ears while you go for a walk or a run with music blasting on high (but not too high due to tinnitus – yes, I was a foolish twenty-year-old in a ridiculously loud London club once…).

But a while back I got back from a big day at work, and my head and ears just needed some peace and quiet. So I decided to ditch the phone and headphones all together, and haven’t picked them back up since. I actually find that I can settle my thoughts better when it’s just me, my mind, and my natural surroundings. It’s so nice and quiet -meditative, I suppose. And it’s sublime.

Anyway, back to the signs:

I was on a stroll yesterday afternoon, and I was sorting through a whole bunch of thoughts.

Lately, my biggest struggle has been money. I don’t mean in an actual way, because I do have more than enough – but I have been so focused on trying to save money and spend less (even though I tend to already spend minimal amounts) that it’s become a stress factor for me. I’m aware of it, though, and working on it! Which is what I was doing on my walk. I was going through some finance thoughts in my head, when I suddenly looked down at my feet and found a $10 bill. Right there. It basically bumped into me.Β 

And then a thought entered my mind: “Everything is provided.”

Have you ever had some sort of divine voice appear in your mind?

I think most of us have, and either we admit to it or we don’t. Either we think it’s crazy or completely natural. But whatever your thoughts are about it, this was definitely not my own inner voice. It was something else. Something divine, I’m sure. And it told me what I already knew, but really needed to be reminded of:

Everything I need is provided.


I just need to remember to have some faith!


What do you think? Was it a sign? Have you experienced something similar? Share in the comments, whydontcha! πŸ™‚


Endless love,



3 thoughts on “Signs ahoy!

  1. Many a times paucity of funds arise but very soon it is fulfilled by some means.I believe that is a sign!
    Once my mom got a job all of a sudden out of no hope.She was just among the thousand Indians who appied for government teaching posts in 2008.However it got stuck due to some cases of validification of old degrees going on.So my mom forgot it completely! However in 2012,she got a letter for the posting.Being convenient my mom joined it.Then you will not believe but we faced a sudden financial crisis in 2013.So my mom was extremely thankful to God that if he closes one door,he opens another!:)


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