A year for New Beginnings



Whenever a new year comes along I get this profound feeling of hopefulness – not to talk about the excitement and curiosity as well! I see a new year as the perfect moment to kickstart, to review the year that passed to make the coming one even better. A new year is full of possibilities. It’s 12 new months full of potential, and we can make them into whatever we want!

Now, in all honesty, all days are like this of course – not only when a new year comes along. But I like the whole symbolism of that fresh start that the 1st of January brings with it.

And this year, with 2017 just beginning, is even better. There’s something quite special about 2017. I just know it. I can feel it in an indescribable way.

And you want to know something even better?

2017 is a universal Year 1.

What does that mean?

Well, if you are familiar with numerology, you will have an idea of it, I’m sure. But many of you are not familiar with numerology, and that doesn’t really matter for now. All you need to know is that a Year 1 means New Beginnings.

How do I know it’s a Year 1?

Easy. You just add the numbers of the year up: 2+0+1+7=10=1+0=1.
Everything needs to be a single digit, so you basically just add the numbers up until you end up with a single digit. And 2017 equals 1. So a universal Year 1. (People can have personal years too, but I think we’ll save that for another post, to save the confusion!)

Now, in numerology, life is counted in cycles. A cycle goes for nine years and then we start over, we start fresh with the next set of nine years. 2016 was the last year in our last set of universal nine years. And now 2017 sees the beginning of something completely new…

But what does this mean for us normal people, who are just trying to make a good life for ourselves and our loved ones?

It means that whatever you start this year is a precious seed planted, and it will grow for the next nine years if you care for it correctly. What you start this year with enthusiasm, passion, and the right intent, will see great success. Be it your health, finances, relationships, career… You name it! You can plant a seed of whatever you desire, and watch it grow.

What you start this year, where you set your focus, is what will shape the next nine years of your life.

Isn’t that incredible? Doesn’t that feel pretty exciting?!

It’s now time to put all the things you’ve learned in the past cycle, and in the past year, to practice, to create something truly amazing for yourself and the people around you!

My goals this year are many. Some of them are easy, some of them are hard. Some of them are quick, some of them will take time (maybe even more than a year, but that’s OK). Some of them are small, some of them are big.
But they are all my goals, and I have the power over them. And with the right frame of mind I know that every single one of them will come true!

And that’s why I’m starting off with a very important goal:

To correct my frequency of thought to that which I desire the most, and I’m going to get (even) better at manifesting.


What are your goals for this year? What foundation do you want to build for the next few years?

Sit down and carefully go through in your mind, and then write down, your goals for this year.
What do you want to accomplish? What would you like to start, to get the ball rolling? What do you want to learn? Where do you want to go? At the end of this new year, what will you be proud of?

Share in the comments the excitement you feel for the new year!

Let’s make this year the best one yet! πŸ™‚


Endless love,



11 thoughts on “A year for New Beginnings

  1. Hi Johanna! Thanks for sharing the numerology concept. I set 3 to 5 goals every year. One of my goals is to be authentic with myself and how I show up with other people. Happy New Year!! xo

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