It’s time!

Here’s something I wanted to share with you all as a little bit of hope and motivation for the weekend, and for the beginning of a new year full of possibilities…

I have a card deck of intuitive answers that I sometimes use to help get answers to questions I have, or to simply get guidance or inspiration every now and then. The whole idea behind these cards is that you interpret them through your intuition, to train it. You study them to find out the feeling behind the cards.
It’s really a lot of fun, because afterwards you can check the little guide book that comes with them, to see if you were right.

So anyway, the other day I pulled a couple of cards for 2017, on behalf of the world and its population.

These are the cards I got:




My interpretation of these cards were that it’s about time we all take action. The clock is ticking and it’s time to get down to business. We need to get together to sort out what’s going on in the world and we need to do it now. And the key to it all is through visualisation.
Too many people live mediocre or even downright miserable lives. The key to getting out of this is visualisation. Once we understand this, and more and more of us start practicing this to reap the benefits of our dreams coming true, the world will see an energy switch. There will be a heightened awareness, and a deeper level of happiness when that happiness is shared all over the world.

And what did the guide book have to say about these cards?
Something very similar, adding to the first card “Tick Tock!” to “stop procrastinating!”, and to the second card “Visualize”, to “trust your visions” and “have a clear vision of what you want”.


As a little side note to this: remember that there’s always enough to go around for everyone. When someone sends a wish into the universe, the universe expands. And the universe is, as we all know, ever-expanding. We will never run out of resources, if we understand that the possibilities and opportunities are endless, and that we can achieve whatever we want and need.

It’s time people. Start visualising. Make your dreams come true. Spread the word, pay it forward. Share your happiness and your love, and the light will outshine the darkness currently trying to spread across the globe.

Darkness can never win, and neither can hate.


Endless love,




PS. If you’re interested in the card deck I have it looks like this:


It’s created by Birkan Tore, a world-renowned intuitive, who usually works with and through angels (which is why he suits me and my kind of spirituality). xx


11 thoughts on “It’s time!

    1. I definitely agree, Dave! I usually visualise while I meditate, or just after, as it i a lot easier when you’re calm and relaxed.
      Yeah, their really cool and interesting! A fun little game to play, I think 🙂 I got them a couple of years ago from my mum. They’re currently sold out with the publisher now, but I’m sure they’d be other similar ones out there somewhere!

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  1. Very cool! One of my New Year’s resolutions is spending 10 minutes each day visualizing success in “high-pressure” filled game situations on the mound, through focusing on the present moment and realizing there is no real pressure at all. Keep up your great content! 🙂

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