Motivational Monday #19



Living life is about daring to do things, to find the courage to pursue what you dream of.

Life’s true purpose is to be happy, so what makes you happy? Is there something you can do to change things as they are now, to become even just a little bit happier?

Every now and then we have to take a leap of faith, hoping to reach a destination we’re longing for, in the safe threads of a strong net. Isn’t it interesting, though, how a net always seems to appear somehow when someone does take the risk of jumping? And have you ever wondered why?

Because the universe rewards the courageous and the curious – the ones who truly believe in their beautiful dreams, and the ones who believe in miracles. The universe is full of those mysterious little miracles, that just happen to take us where we need to go – and who are we to doubt the universe?

I’ll be taking many leaps this year – both personally and professionally – jumping in the hopes of finding a net appear below me. And I’m quite certain there will be one – simply because I believe it.

I’m so, so grateful for all that I have in my life right now. And because of that, I want more – simply because I know I can have it and because I deserve it.

Will you take the leap with me? Share in the comments where you hope to find yourself in the near future! πŸ™‚


Endless love,



10 thoughts on “Motivational Monday #19

  1. I am planning to take quite a few leaps this year, and hopefully this will be the only life I will know going forward.

    Right now I am intent on finding what it is that will make me happy. From there I will pursue those things.

    I will write about my adventures for sure. hope we get to read about each others leaps.

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  2. I love your posts! I came across your article on Seeds4Life and loved your writing style and content so much! This is reverberating in my body, “Because the universe rewards the courageous and the curious.” YES! So much yes! I, too, am taking this huuuuge leap of faith as well! How exciting, hey? Cheering you on, my friend!

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    1. Thanks Maya! This means so much to me!
      I know, isn’t it super exciting! I wish you the best of everything, I’m certain your leap of faith will work out in your favour!
      Oh, and I really like your whole page. It’s awesome!

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